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Trans-Tasman Resources is a New Zealand registered, owned and managed company, established in 2007, to develop the potential of the North Island's offshore iron sand deposits, which are a rich source of iron ore.

Since then, we have invested more than $60 million in research to develop a world-leading approach to low-impact environmentally responsible seabed mining.

We have a Mining Permit for approximately 65km2 of the South Taranaki Bight and intend to reapply to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for resource consent (a marine consent) to extract iron sand from this area. We will work on 5km2 of this area each year - 0.3 per cent of the total Bight. Sediment will be taken from the seabed and the ore separated magnetically aboard a purpose-built integrated mining vessel. 90 per cent of the sand will then be returned to the seabed in a controlled process.

Seabed mining of this kind is well established internationally. Sophisticated, sensitive processes and technologies have been developed for operations off the coast of South Africa and Namibia. Our project has built on these mature processes and technologies to develop a New Zealand-focused operation but adapted to minimise environmental impact.

Offshore iron ore has the potential to become one of New Zealand's most valuable revenue exports. There is long-term sustainable international demand. We will collect five million tonnes of ore annually from the project area while providing the highest levels of environmental protection.

Our operations will employ a large number of skilled people to operate the vessels as well as additional staff for onshore facilities. We will focus on sourcing services, supplies and people from the local community.

Backed by New Zealand and international investment, we are committed to working with local communities, iwi and hapu to realise this, with sustainable economic benefits for New Zealand, local Taranaki communities and our investors.

Video - Proposed Operation